Visit to Ethiopia doesn’t mean Egypt agrees on dam project: Minister

Ahram Online, Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

Egypt’s irrigation minister has stressed that his visit to Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam doesn’t mean that Egypt agrees with the ongoing project, Al-Ahram’s Arabic news website reported.

Hossam Moghazy had a tour with his Ethiopian and Sudanese counterparts at the site of the dam on Monday, the first by an Egyptian official since construction began in April 2011.

The dam has been a source of concern for the Egyptian government, which fears the downstream project will affect its access to the Nile, its main source of potable water.

Meanwhile, Moghazy confirmed that Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt have accepted the terms of an international consultancy team to conduct two studies on the dam’s potential impact.

He confirmed that Ethiopia gave Egypt five previously requested studies on the dam.

The next meeting for the tripartite committee will take place in Cairo on 21-22 October, he said.


  1. For decades, egypt’s main game has been arming and training ethnic liberation fronts in Ethiopia .
    now they also use internet and social media to spread ethnic politics in ethiopia. the truth is that the nile river will be no more in egypt. egypt cannot stop the march of time. it is written in the Bible that the nile will dry up. this will come to pass. whether woyane fascists are instruments for this or not is another matter.


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