1. The 4th International Conference on Ethiopian Women in the Diaspora , March 7, 2015, Washington DC, USA to ensure the safety of Ethiopian women that are returning from foreign lands to their country.
    Center for the Rights of Ethiopian Women (CREW) will hold its 4th annual international conference on March 7, 2015 in Washington DC USA. The theme of the conference is “the role of civil society organizations in the upcoming elections in Ethiopia”. The main objective is to create an understanding of the magnitude of the negative impacts of the Societies and Charities Law on the activities of nongovernmental organizations. As a women’s civil society organization, CREW will also pay special attention to Ethiopian women’s participation in the political process. Thus, one of the major questions that the conference will address will be the role of women’s organizations in mobilizing women to use their rights towards fair and free elections.


    Center for the Rights of Ethiopian Women (CREW)
    P. O. Box 10412
    Silver Spring, MD 20914


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