Voice of Amara Radio – 01 October 2016

Voice of Amara Radio – 01 October 2016



  1. This puts us more firmly on the route to our tribal homes and less towards or even very much against our Ethiopiawinte.

    In other words we have accepted to happily swallow the bait that loosens our national unity as originally designed by those came up with it in the first place. Because it is naive to expect fostering a meaningful national unity as we teeter along the path of tribe. How sad to see the Amaharas who frowned on this approach for so long now pro-actively taking the lead.

    Who will claim to have an upper moral ground to preach Ethiopian unity any more without raising suspicion in the eyes of the other? They could as well called it Ethiopian Dimits Radio and go on doing their business at least under the name of Ethiopian umbrella.

    It would have been much different in the eyes of others even though always the same. How happy are the Woyanes on hearing this?!?!


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