By Endeshaw Berja

Everybody has to know that Ethiopia is a land of War Babies.

Mr. Egyptians Billionaire! Your vomiting on Tweeter shows that you are wealthy but not mental healthy person. So, try to visit psychiatrists before committing self-suicide by throwing yourself in Lake Nassir.

Mr. Naguib Sawiris, the rabid dog of Cairo, your declaration of war on Ethiopia is   considered as disrespecting the African and the entire Black People of the world. Because as it is known and recognized worldwide; Ethiopians are magnificent warriors that broken your vertebrate at the battle of Gundet & Gura with absolute superiority of war strategy and tactic. These golden victories were the Black’s over Arabs and Whites (leaders like Colonel William Dye). Still you do not stand in front of us. So, nowadays where do you get this zeal of Twitter? I am sorry, you are pushing your country into the cliff. If you do not know us, please ask your ancestors, otherwise the fire you ignited on Twitter will roasted you and your family.

In this century I do not expect living such ignorant, arrogant, and analphabetic ‘billionaire’ in the planet. Any way the conceited message of you makes us alert. Your filthy, vain, and unlimited bragging is an alarm for the lioness. You are deceitful person. Your finger tips that blindly run on the keyboard openly told us how far stretched your hand in Ethiopia. Now it is clear that all the current unstable conditions in Mother Land are financed and guided by your destructive agencies.

Mr. Billionaire: you thoughtless, incapable, commander-in-chief of the demolishing squad for Ethiopia, your nightmare arouse the brave Ethiopian fighters at every corner. Lionesses are roaring here and there because you waked-up them, thank you.

Mr. Pig your call of war for extermination on us is really amazing. If you do not know the history of my Mother Land, try to visit the huge pyramids and turn the pages of ancient literature in the museums, please. May be the truth will shaped your foolish thought. Ethiopians are the founders of the greatest civilizations of the planet. Your liar processors (not Professors), bishops of orthofox (not Orthodox), and the madrassa owl-lama (not Ulama) knows the reality. Pay them and get numberless facts and secrets. In fact, these people are retailers of truth.

You, mouse of the pyramid! Remember!  The great cats will catch you not on Twitter page but at the battle field that is successfully completed in your bedroom. That is it. Ready and wait us.


  1. This sounds like Al Mariam ranting under a fake name making us all Ethiopians look stupid and inarticulate. This is anti Ethiopia propaganda not pro-Ethiopia. We are much better than this. Embarrassing.

  2. War babies? No Ethiopians are not war babies. You moron. Instead you are the one acting like a cry baby. Ethiopians are not cry babies. It’s shameful someone would give such an immature response on behalf of our country. Abiy has really embarrassed our Ethiopia beyond belief. Al, accountability is coming

  3. I don’t see any cultivation in this article. We should all disassociate ourselves such aimless rant. This is the time when being calculating is needed more than ever. Sawiris can rant, jump up and down all day all night long but my hommies are up to the job which is beginning to fill the dam in July when the pours down in buckets. And el-Sisi better not use the American made F16’s and French assembled Mirages to kill those black folks who are minding their business. By such reckless and destructive aggression Egypt may end up losing the Blue Nile forever and harming Sudan in the process. Let’s speak in guarded terms.


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