We Know Who the Kidnappers Are !!!

Tedla Asfaw

According to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed the abductors of 17 Dembi Dolo Univesity students in the Oromo Region are unknown because no one claims the abduction.
Almost two months ago these students were abducted by Qeero, Oromo youth, according to the student who escaped the kidnappers.
The kidnapped girls used to call their parents for two weeks before nothing heard of them again.
We heard also from Oromo Kilil officials that the OLF Kidnapped them even if the leader claims that he has nothing to do with them and blames the government to disguise its own military activity against them.
The Primeminister assertion in the parliament today that the army did not find any evidence of the whereabouts of these girls without elaborating the surrounding behind the kidnapping is problematic.
The area is a “military conflict zone” all
communications cut off for more than two months now.
There was no single bullet fired in this area before Abiy Ahmed comes to power. Why now ??
 The Ogaden that was a battleground for 28 yrs is now peaceful compared to this part of the Oromo Region. Here we go, the birth of a New Fighting Force in the Oromo Region?
The Oromo Regional military structure and the rebel structure are not separated. All the kidnapping is part of the ongoing ethnic cleansing “Ethiopia Out Of Oromia, Oromo First “which is the rallying cry of those in the bushes and the so-called peaceful Oromo parties campaigning for election 2020 in coming August.
Before few days of the kidnapping, Bekele Gerba called for all Oromo Students to leave Amhara Kilil and come home.
The Qerros answered his call by kidnapping students. Since the kidnapping, Bekele, Jawar, and Merara among many went silent about the kidnapped students.
These same people were the first to point fingers to Amhara Region for any incident. Their silence is a clue for who the kidnappers are ??
The kidnappers are not as sophisticated as Al Shabab and Boku Haram because they have zero experience on the battlefield.
This is just to boost their stand as a new fighting force without facing any battle.
We know who the kidnappers are, they are Oromo First, posturing themselves as a new force for the future Oromo Republic. By-election or kidnapping !!!!




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