What is more important — freedom or food? 【Journalist Tomas sebsibe】

Offcourse its personal but I just remember when I was in one conference I heard thise two different argument.One said they are equal,:another said freedom is first.

He told for us “I may be biased, but after spending nearly 13 years in prison system, my quest for freedom is far more important to me than what’s for dinner. Perhaps,that’s also due to the fact that most of my meals are spent in a prison dining hall.

That being said, freedom for me was always one of those things in life where I didn’t know what I had until I lost it. Sitting here in a 4′ x 12′ cell, I think of the times before my incarceration when I had the freedom to go anywhere and do just about anything.The world was my oyster,but rather than go diving for pearls,I spent my time floundering at sea until one day I found myself shipwrecked and in prison. Taking my freedom for granted has been one of the hardest lessons I’ve ever had to learn and one that I’II never forget. To me, there is nothing more valuable than freedom.”

It’s each.

Another man said “Freedom is the food of spirit and food (nutrition) is the food of body. If one of them is missing then something will die within us either our humanity in case of freedom or disease or death in case of food and eating.

So both are equally important. However, many people throughout the history especially leaders and revolutionary figures chose freedom on food and money and they died fighting for their and people freedom.

Most of us are salves for money and money will only controlled you and your true-self and money will never buys you happiness.

Freedom is the idea of gaining control over your life and the idea to start all over again in right direction or leave anything at any moment and without this feeling you are hopeless and that’s why some people will commits sucide.

Freedom is a big word and many don’t understand the real meaning behind it, so they cover themself once they hear the word because it makes them feel empty.

For us, most of Ethiopia need freedom first.We are among the first freedom seekers nation in the world long history.Go forward for our freedom!


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