World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus Was A Top Ethiopian Official While The Ethiopian Government Was Accused Of Widespread Human Rights Violations.

World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus was a top official in the Ethiopian government at the same time that it was accused of widespread human rights violations.
Tedros is now facing increasing scrutiny over the WHO’s alignment with China’s oppressive regime throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Human rights watchdog groups repeatedly criticized the Ethiopian government’s poor human rights record while Tedros was a top minister.

Tedros served as Ethiopia’s health minister from October 2005 until November 2012, during which time he was accused of covering up three different cholera outbreaks. He then served as foreign minister from November 2012 until November 2016.

During his time in as a high-profile Ethiopian official, the government was repeatedly castigated around the world for its human rights record, including the detainment and torture of political opponents.
When Ethiopia secured a non-permanent spot on the United Nations Security Council in June 2016, Tedros said it was a sign that his country had won the world’s respect, but Amnesty International noted that Ethiopia had a deplorable human rights record.

“The ruling government in Ethiopia has a persistent history of violent repression of independent media, civil society organizations and political opposition,” Amnesty International noted.

“The government enacted many restrictive laws that have led to the dismantling of civil society, and through the misuse of the counter-terrorism law, has stifled peaceful dissent.”

In January 2016, the European Parliament adopted a resolution condemning Ethiopia’s human rights violations.

The resolution stated that “it is known that the Ethiopian Government is systematically repressing freedom of expression and association and banning individuals from expressing dissent or opposition to government policies, thereby limiting the civil and political space, including by carrying out politically motivated prosecutions under the draconian anti-terrorism law, decimating independent media, dismantling substantial civil society activism and cracking down on opposition political parties.”

The resolution said that the international body “Strongly condemns the recent use of excessive force by the security forces in Oromia and in all Ethiopian regions, and the increased number of cases of human rights violations; expresses its condolences to the families of the victims and urges the immediate release of all those jailed for exercising their rights to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression.”

A 2010 report from Human Rights Watch noted that Ethiopia’s government used foreign aid, including foreign aid meant to improve Ethiopians’s health, to fuel repression of political opponents and further tighten its authoritarian rule. At the time, Tedros was Ethiopia’s health minister.
The watchdog found that “development aid flows through, and directly supports, a virtual one-party state with a deplorable human rights record. Ethiopia’s practices include jailing and silencing critics and media, enacting laws to undermine human rights activity, and hobbling the political opposition.”

In his role as foreign minister, Tedros pushed back on criticisms of the country’s human rights record.

In an October 2016 blog post, less than a year before he took over as the top WHO official, Tedros accused Human Rights Watch of encouraging political violence by criticizing the Ethiopian regime’s handling of protests at the time.

Tedros dismissed the watchdog’s criticism of the government’s clampdown on political protests and its response to an October 2, 2016 protest that saw dozens of protesters die in a stampede after authorities reportedly deployed tear gas and fired warning shots to disperse the protesters.

Tedros argued that Human Rights Watch might bear responsibility for the stampede, writing that “one reason for the panic, of course, might very well be people’s awareness of the scare stories Human Rights Watch has so assiduously propagated over the last few months.”

While the watchdog’s investigations found that “it is clear that the number of dead is much higher than government estimates,” Tedros insisted that there was “no evidence” that the official figures were incorrect.

Under Tedros’s leadership, the WHO, which didn’t return a request for comment, has provided cover for China’s suppression of the truth about the coronavirus outbreak in its country.

One study found that China could have limited the global spread of the virus by up to 95% if it had acted three weeks earlier to combat the virus. Chinese authorities took steps to silence whistleblowers, journalists and doctors from warning the public about the virus’s severity in its early stages.

China is widely believed to have significantly underreported the scale of its coronavirus outbreak, and Chinese authorities admitted that their initial numbers left out asymptomatic carriers of the virus. Dr. Anthony Fauci said on April 16 that he still doesn’t “feel confident at all” that China is accurately reporting its coronavirus cases yet.

Nevertheless, Tedros and other top WHO officials have consistently lauded Chinese authorities’s “transparency” in their handling of the global pandemic.


  1. This countryman is in a gauntlet now. As I have said before, he should never have praised China for its handling of the pandemic from the first day it came to the attention of those commies in Wuhan and Beijing. There was no reason or pressing need for him to do so. I have no factual information about the ideology he uses as a guideline but the praise he heaped on those commies makes him a suspect. Again even he is proven to be a communist he should not lose his job as long as he does not use his position to promote the ideology or gush glowing praise for its pushers. I will wait until the matter is thoroughly and independently investigated. May be The WHO has outlived its functionality in its current form and it is time to replace it with a new body with new principles and by-laws outside the UN umbrella. It looks to have been turned into a politicized organization. Let’s face the fact. For me he was qualified for the job and he was not the only to have had the qualifications. But he had one more ‘entitlement claim’ on his resume: An African and a black man. Otherwise he would not have been given the mantle if he was an African of North African stock or a South African Afrikaner lily white man/woman.

    Again, this countryman had no business praising those number fudging demons in Beijing.

  2. YEAH, true, but the fact that he worked for the long discredited TPLF regime in Ethiopia does not hide the truth that this is a pure hit job by the right-wing news and opinion website and author based in Washington, D.C. The good news is that Tedros said he doesn’t give a damn about fascism, nazisim, racism or does he care about what fascists, nazis, racists think of him. There you have it yeAfrica and Yehager lig Ethiopiawi.

  3. YEAH, true, but the fact that he worked for the long discredited TPLF regime in Ethiopia does not hide the truth that this is a pure hit job by the right-wing news and opinion website and author based in Washington, D.C. The good news is that Tedros said he doesn’t give a damn about fascism, nazisim, racism nor does he care about what fascists, nazis and racists think of him. There you have it yeAfrica and Yehager lig Ethiopiawi.

  4. Moreno,
    The TPLF is an ethno-fasccistic political force which has been promoting and solidifying ethnic supremacy in Ethiopia. Its fascistic politics is clearly stated in its political program or manifesto in whic it brands the Amhara Ethiopians as the enemies of the people of Tigray. The heinous crimes the TPLF has been committing specifically the Amhara Ethiopian during its rule are well documented and known. The TPLF has comitted mass kilings against the Anuak, somali and Oromos to mention the few ones here. The TPLF has committed all kinds of crimes the European Nazis and fascists had committed in Ethiopia. Dr. Teodros Adhanom belongs to the inner circle of this fascist political force and he and his supporters do not have any moral ground to accuse others of racism or nazism.

  5. Dear Mr. Benyam, I hear you my brother. Point well taken. TPLF is no different than the butcher Mengistu his Derge and low-level military communist cadres and assassins. But still the workers party of Ethiopia (WPE) under Mengistu nor the TPLF CONTROLLED Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) under the successive leadership of Meles and Hailemariam, now renamed The Prosperity Party (PP) under Abiy ODP are no match for the scale of the crime of Adolf Hitler Nazi Party in Germany nor Benito Mussolini National Fascist Party in Italy. The similarities end there.

  6. Crystal clear that the TPLF is a fascist front which has copied parts of its progam from fascism and racism.

  7. Dear Digital weyanne using the alias Moreno
    One of the similarities between the fascist TPLF and the nazis is their picking out a single group or comminity as enemy and attacking it. The Nazis singled out the jews and committed genocide and in the same token the TPLF singled out the Amharas and inflicted mass killings and displacements in its own well planned and executed ways. In ways which do not draw reactions from its former international donors. The derg military overnment was as brutal but unlike the TPLF it had not targetted a single community as its enemy.

  8. Dear Mr. Benyam, Ante balege banda. You sound like a shabia wonbede. Nazis singled out more than the jews. Go back to school and study world history. I am going to call Menge in Zimbabwe on your ass. run, run askari…

  9. Dear Moreno,
    I know the truth is painful and hurts but do not get so angry. Benyam has not said that the Nazis singled out only the Jews. In Ethiopia it is only the TPLF guys that are known as and called bandas or traitors. Ethiopians want them stand trials for treason. Further more, you can not deny that Shabia was the master of the TPLF and abused the poor from Tigray in its war for independence. Those Shabia officers who commanded the Tigray conscripts in Eritrea admit that they used them for mine clearing and other more dangerous and riskier operations.

  10. I do not understand why you the habesha guys are quarelling here for nothing. The Oromos with their brave struggle and resistance have evicted the TPLF leaders from the Menelik palace and chased them to their homeland, Makelle. The TPLF leaders have accepted the Oromo victory as the reception they gave to the members of the Oromo forces returning from Eritrea has confirmed. The TPLF guru Sebhat Nega greeted the Oromo lions waving the flag of the Oromo Liberation Front which the TPLF in power declared a terrorist organization and fought against. The Oromo victory over the TPLF is total but it was not without sacrifices.

  11. Benyam, you said: “The derg military government was as brutal but unlike the TPLF it had not targeted a single community as its enemy.” Guess you’re right in a sense that the monster hooligans instead targeted the entire country and all Ethiopians as their enemy…Blood thirsty human scams.


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