Who draws the boundary of Ezekiel’s Sovereign Nations and Nationalities?

Tedla Asfaw

Ethiopia as a country has ended in 1995 when the constitution was ratified by the nine Sovereign Nations and Nationalities  who came to form Federal Ethiopia according to Ezekiel Gebissa.

The good professor should know that one of the Sovereign Nations Tigray Its capital Mekelle where Ezekiel was lecturing is created by taking huge land from the province of Gonder and Wello from an independent country called Ethiopia.
Ezekiel does care less for history but the only time the name of nationalities and regions were put together in map was by fascist Italy occupied  Ethiopia from 1935 to 1941.
Sidama unfortunately was missed from the sovereign nations list in 1995 which was on Italy’s map. However, today It hosted its flag to become another Sovereign country on Hamle 11, 2011 or July 2019.
Ezekiel has failed to educate us why these colonial Italy Ethnic maps that come back in 1995 as a gift to Sovereign Nations and Nationalities is the end of Ethiopia?
Classic Banda Historian try to revitalize the defeated Italy by declaring Ethiopia is no more after it was defeated by Ethiopians 80 years ago.
The professor big lie in the name of his sovereign nation is revealed by his census result of July 2019.
He said Oromo is 50% or more of the nations and nationalities of Federal Ethiopia and will rule in any form of democracy.
Ezekiel Gebissa once again has shown he is neither a historian nor a lecturer but anti Ethiopia Tribal  propagandist.

9 thoughts on “Who draws the boundary of Ezekiel’s Sovereign Nations and Nationalities?

  1. In the first place it is important to mention that Ezekiel Gabissa is not a professor. He has not gotten the position of professorship in the United States and its wrong to call him a professor. All who worked in the US universities are not professors. If he has evidence against this fact, he should prove it wrong by presenting his university awarded professorship. As an extreme and short sighted Oromo nationalist he is playing into the hands of the TPLF that had been massacring and mass imprisoning of Oromos. If he were a rational and broad minded person he would avoid his overtures with the TPLF in Makelle which are not in the interests of the Oromos as a whole. He is a shallow and simple demagogue.

  2. To his credit his is straitforward in his statements not like other ethnic zeallots that hide behind the fake national unity smoke including those in the Medemer Moto. But I also have three strait questions to this man.
    First why was then there was a continuation of Ethiopia after 1995? To deceive Ethiopian people because the forces namely TPLF and it’s pupet sister parties that brought the 1995 constitution without any consultation of the Ethiopian people felt would not be accepted by the people? Or was a strategy for TPLF to plunder the country?

    Second, Why ethnocentrists mad dogs like you are afraid to deal the unity of Ethiopia and it’s people by democratic means? Does the 2005 elections results rings in your head on what actually the majority people wants in contrast to your empty heads and your heart full of hate?

    Third, Where were standing your ancestors during all the invasions Ethiopians have fought to repeal to stay a free country? Where they in Ethiopian side or else? We know a lot of who sold their souls and fought marched against their own even they knew Ethiopians where dealing with a more advanced external forces. It did happen in Italo-Ethiopian wars, the British expedition, the Egypt and Ottomans expansions from the Red Sea, the Muslims expansion from East, the Mahadist expansion from the West and the most recent Somali Said Bare expansion in all of them there were a lot of people who sold their soul to join forces with invaders against its own people. Some call them ascaris or other names but looks the current Constitution is a work of these people were put as a Trojan horse to subdue a glorious black nation that no one did dare to subdue it directly. Who and which countrues were the sponsors if TPLF and it’s pupet sister parties?

  3. Ezikel gabbissa is the main messaenger boy of olf who is shuffling between Mekelle and Wollega organising the killiings, evictions and lawlessness in ethiopia , which tplf have given him to do as his homework. Tplf have a deep pocket. the loot they have accummulated would be more than sufficient to hire a million oromo ‘elite’ to do just the job.
    Gabissa has made his second home in mekelle and dancing with tplf. Not a single one of those tplf murderers , thieves and looters would dare to leave their hiding place. they know what they have done to the people and the country and their crimes would not give them a good night sleep. their work is done for them by the likes of Eziql gabbissaaa.
    tplf hope that soon ethiopia will be like syria. wOULD NT THAT BE AN IDEAL SITUATION FOR TPLF to take advantage of ethiopia. they are dreaming for those days.

  4. there is one thing Gabissa forgot. Ethiopia is the result of the sacrifice and blood shed oh all its people. they fought in the same war, died and were buried together to build this country. they forced the fascist white supermacist invaders to kneel down . separatist ethno fascists like gabbissa cannot demolish this bridge however hard they try. ethiopia shall rise.

  5. The problem of our country is highly related with our education system, the government was busy on building highschools and university buildings not students,

  6. Are we living with such anti-Ethiopia pseudo-professor? Now I understand that we are in real danger as a nation.

  7. Mr Ezekiel, At least we who love Ethiopia we do it as is a symbol of black resistance against white colonialism. It is in idea of unity in times of dispair you in other side want to claim ethnic territorial ownership on lands that was conquered during the great Oromo migrations. You talked a lot about what Minilik did when scramble for Africa by white superpowers was rainy on us, he actually did the right things most of the local princes were engaged in slave trading plus was a retaliation to what The opportunist great Oromo expansion from Borana did to his empire after the Ethiopian-Adal war. So unless history started only 150 years ago for you and your like ethnic mad dogs your should also teach the truth to your youth what savagery also did the great Oromo expansion to the North and actually what was the exact residence of Oromos before the expansion.. In fact if we discount language assimilation and we only count heritage from the original expansionists barely pure Oromos would not be majority currently. In all we are all humans and we should have the same privileges as citizens in the country called Ethiopia and it possible Africa or the World for that matter. Please do not let your bllind euphoria to have a nation per se make the life of millions miserable and make them in destitution. Grow up and solve your inferiority complex by working from inside out.

  8. You should know that Tegray is an anomaly of Ethiopianism. Though it was Tegray that should stand for Ethiopianism, it remained anomaly since the Ras Manegesha-Italy convension of 1891. Menegesha was defeated by Italian and his province is occupied by their Italian colonialist. Ras Mnegesha understood his useless agreement with Italian, he requested Menilek to reconcile and he joined the king and fought bravely at the battles of Adewa. He was counted as the hero of Adewa. However, the Ras fought against the king that ended as professor Bahru the great hero of Adewa fought each other that is Ras Mikael and Ras Mekonnen fought against Ras Mengesha. Rad mengesha was captured back to Ankober as prisoner. The second invasion of of Italian in 1935-41, the governor of Tegray Ras Haile Selassie Gugsa, allied with Italian against Haile Selassie. Thus this anomaly continued throughout the post liberation period and the TPLF took power to avenge the Amhara. Most Tegray elites are pro-TPLF basically. I understand them because their best party is TPLF, which at least has relatively made better infrastructures. They do not care the price the other are paying. The OLF boy Ezkel targates his readings of Lincho Leta, who revised the OLF program.Lencho hopes to remain within Ethiopia as long as it benefites the Oromo elites. In his book, he dreams for his elites the Quebec model in Ethiopia. If not he could declare its independence with hesitation as Ezkel boosted the establishment of all necessary institutions. As he is ignorant, even he did not care the desentegration of the South Region and its repurcurssion to the Oromo region. But he throw lightly in his political activities speech the Kpushitic
    Federalism. This also is another way out for the Oromo crisis after their dream of “Oromia.” Even Abiy does not rule out the kushitic rehetoric becuase he pronounced it in his speech in Somale region. It is more interesting when you follow the speech of Lencho Leta at the Sidama Libration Front meeting last two month. The Kushitic Fderalism that will be the naightmaire of “Oromia.” Ezkel even does realize Tegray is a semitic people. Ezkel by no means any scientific scholarship in his talk, but he was in his usual activists arena. He knows the mekelle univ. wants to hear. Therefore, he feed them into thier proper political belly. Ezkel, does not care of the others. He dreams the regional boundaries are unquestionable. It is fortunate he understands nothing about Ethiopia because all his examples were the end of the communists. The Tegray anomaly will be defeated by the inevitable war with the central government as it was Menelik in time. The devorce with ADP and TPLF is already signed. Ignorance of Ethiopian history costed Tegray many times.

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