WORLD CUP 2014: The Highest Paid Player

By Nicolas Pinault | VOA News

27 June, 2014

Cote D’Ivoire’s Didier Drogba, who gained wide notoriety playing for Chelsea in the British Premier League, is the highest paid African footballer and the fifth highest paid player in the world.


You can read more at to see what he earns in relation to other highest paid players in the world.

WORLD CUP 2014: Round of 16 (Final List)

Mexico (Group (A)
Brazil (Group A)
Netherlands (Group B)
Chile (Group B)
Greece (Group C)
Colombia (Group C)
Costa Rica (Group D)
Uruguay (Group D)
France (Group E)
Switzerland (Group E)
Nigeria (Group F)
Argentina (Group F)
Germany (Group G)
United States of America (Group G)
Algeria (Group H)
Belgium (Group H)

Eliminated (the final list)

Croatia (Group A)
Cameroon (Group A)
Australia (Group B)
Spain (Group B)
Cote d’Ivoire (Group C)
Japan (Group C)
Italy (Group D)
England (Group D)
Ecuador (Group E)
Honduras (Group E)
Iran (Group F)
Bosnia-Herzegovina (Group F)
Ghana (Group G)
Portugal (Group G)
South Korea (Group H)
Russia (Group H)

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