Woyane Parliament has heard the assessment report on the implementation of the good governance plan

fortune_news_not_good_newsBut that report brought no good news to the House and the three people shown above. Abate Sitotaw, deputy mayor of Addis Abeba City Administration (left), Medhin Kiros, vice president for the Federal Supreme Court (centre) and Abadula Gemeda, speaker of the House (right, behind Medhin). Immediately after the report was presented these high level officials were seen and heard grumbling at each other, losing control in front of their audience. During the third extraordinary session of Parliament’s first year, that body received a report from Tadesse Hordofa, member of parliament and head of the supervising committee that had carried out the assessment in selected federal and city districts.

The team’s twenty six paged report, rolled out a disaster list, collected from public feedback. The report contained substantial evidence that good governance is still in shambles. Though successful in having his nominees appointed to high positions in the federal courts, Medhin’s institution is reported among the worst performers in the good governance campaign.  Addis Abeba City Administration is no different in that its poor performance related to realising the highly acclaimed good governance, is reflected in its work flow and service delivery. This is not be strange for the Deputy Mayor.

The City Administration held a three-day meeting with public representatives dubbed yehizib kinfe, to hear the same problems mentioned in the report in depth. Participants vented their day-to-day grievances, only to have them dismissed by the City Council’s Speaker, Tabor G.Medihn (PhD). “This is a meeting called to discuss the bigger picture, and not focus on the little details”, the Speaker said as he minimized the complaints. But chances do not seem to work in Abate’s favour. The Speaker gave him the sign that he will have to face the MPs with concrete answers for the public grievances reflected in the report


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