Yemeni president was not informed about the abduction of Andargachew Tsige

Yemen-president-Abdu-Rabbu-HadiAn assistant to Yemeni President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi privately told a British official that the President was not informed about the abduction of Ethiopian opposition leader Andargachew Tsige, Ethiopian Review learned.

The abduction was carried out by a few senior Yemeni intelligence officers who were paid $1 million USD by the Woyanne secret police to kidnap Ato Andargachew while he was in a transit flight through Yemen, according to our sources.

When Ato Andargachew arrived in Sana’a on a Yemenia Airlines flight on June 22, at least 7 Woyanne agents, along with Yemeni secret police were waiting for him at the airport. He was then flown to Addis Ababa on a military aircraft and detained in a nondescript house where “high-value” political prisoners are tortured and interrogated by Getachew Assefa and crew.

Source: Ethiopianreview


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